About Us

About Us
Who we are?
Shenzhen Yuhe Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and commercial services company.We provide customers with professional product recommendation, customization, procurement, inspection, delivery and other services, is one of the most reliable enterprises in China. Today, all of our customers are located around the world. They have established a long-term cooperative relationship with us. With the accumulation of company experience and good network relationship, Yuhe can quickly access the best resources of Chinese enterprises and industries, and get good support from the top suppliers of Chinese enterprises and industries. 
OEM/ODM Customized Services
We closely follow ever-changing product designs of the market. Our design team ensures our regular product line remains at the forefront, and we offer expert OEM and ODM services. Besides, customization services including tooling design&software design are also provided.
Exporting Products Worldwide
With an experienced and professional team, we have exported our products to many countries and regions all over the world, especially to India, Europe, Middle East,Asia,South America.
Fast Delivery and Strict Quality Controlling
10 days delivery for OEM service orders, until today, our production had smoothly passed quality testing by customers' third party inspection companies,such as SGS,UL,AI...etc
Our Faith of 100% YOHOTECH
We say,9% love,17% beauty,13% fashion,5% madness,17% power,8% goal in the last minute,6% adrenaline,25% heart and soul service,it's your 100% Yohotech